Posh Pooch is in the business of providing owners with happy, attractive, and healthier pets through the benefits of regular professional pet grooming and specialty retail in the Huntington Beach and surrounding areas.

Posh Pooch’s vision is to establish industry leading customer service through extensive product and grooming education for its staff and on to the consumer with an emphasis on “total pet health”. The main objective at Posh Pooch is to provide a safe and loving environment while also providing exceptional and specialty groom cuts for even the most “posh” pet. Posh Pooch employees provide one-on-one consultations and education on the best foods, products, and overall care for each specific breed and individual pets needs.

Posh Pooch prides itself on offering 100% of its products and services being U.S.A. made and sourced, stimulating our own local economy and community.

Posh Pooch is an eco-friendly business operation; having the entire build-out of the facility being green from the plant based paints and sealants, the LED lighting, energy star appliances and low-flow fixtures, to the entire retail section being outfitted with reclaimed barnwood furnishings. All our products are also individually selected based on their component of eco-friendly design, packaging, and construction in order to further conserve our natural resources and protect our environment.


Posh Pooch is located in the heart of Huntington Beach California most commonly referred to as Sunset beach. Near dog friendly beaches, parks, wildlife trails, and affluent dog-friendly communities, Posh Pooch is the one-stop-shop for all grooming and pet care needs with equine products available upon request!

The company is co-owned by owners Melesssa & Dale Austin who are Huntington Beach locals and huge animal advocates. After a 2-year business development plan, Melesssa and Dale embarked to create a space that not only served the needs of Melesssa’s existing clientele, but re-structured what the entire grooming and retail shopping experience could be like for both human and canine/feline alike.

Posh Pooch was constructed from the ground up, enabling a space to be built that was less stressful for the pets and more enjoyable for the human clients as well. The entire grooming operations were built to be sound isolated from each function such as bathing, drying, and trimming so as to minimize the distraction and overall noise level of the pet’s grooming experience. A separate cattery was designed for when cats are groomed so they can enjoy a peaceful grooming experience housed separately from their canine counterparts.

Posh Pooch consistently makes strides toward complete consumer satisfaction through continual education and training in pursuit of the longest, happiest, and healthiest life between ourselves and our four-legged loved ones.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for considering Posh Pooch when looking for your dog, cat, or other small animals needs.

Melesssa, Dale, Sunset, Forrest, and GG

Come stop by into our Wonderful Brand New Store located in Huntington Beach.

The Posh Pooch Team.