Free Cat Food

Free can of any brand cat food with every cat grooming !

Fall Specials

With cold and flu season around the corner now is an important time to boost your pets immune system and your’s alike !  Talk to one of our highly trained staff for monthly specials and details in-store.


Free nutrition consult and exotic protein samples based on availability, brush-tail possum, eel, kangaroo etc.


We pride ourselves on extensive product research and selection, only selecting the best premium and super premium foods to meet your individual dog and cat’s dietary needs. Here are a few of the top manufacturers of dry, canned, grain-free, freeze-dried raw, air-dried raw, and frozen raw foods / treats we carry


Canned / Dry Dog and Cat Food


Fresh / Freeze-Dried / Air-Dried / Frozen Raw Dog and Cat Food 


Healthy Treats, Supplements & Raw Bones

  • Advantage  (Feline)
  • Advantix II (K9)
  • Andis
  • Baxter & Bailey
  • Bison Designs
  • Canine Brands Worldwide
  • Casual Pet
  • Cat Care
  • Chief Furry Officer
  • Classy Kitty
  • Country Brook Designs
  • Creature Comfort
  • Cycle Dog
  • Dog Is Good
  • Doggie Styles & Kitty Too
  • Doggie Walk Bags
  • Dr. Elsey’s
  • Earthbath
  • Envirogroom
  • Eye Envy
  • From The Field
  • Gold Paw
  • Green Monster
  • H2O 4 K9
  • I See Spot
  • John Paul Pet
  • Katie’s Bumpers
  • Kittypod
  • Laube
  • Organic Oscars
  • Pawz Paw Protectors
  • Pet Flys
  • Pet Gensys
  • Petmate
  • Petote
  • Planet Dog
  • Poochie Bells
  • Preppy Puppy
  • Red Dingo Tags and Collars
  • Ruff Dawg
  • Sara England Designs
  • Sniff Essential Oil Pet Candles
  • Tagg / GPS activity and pet tracking system
  • The Perfect Leash
  • Tropiclean
  • Up Country
  • West Paw Designs
  • Yaya’s Living Art
  • Yellow Dog Designs
  • Zigoo

Primal Frozen Raw Diets and Treats

Canine Caviar / Holistic, Alkaline Based, Cancer Preventative Diet for Dogs and Cats !

Tower of Treaty Goodness !

Healthy Treat Bar !

Extensive Canned Food Selection

Cat collars, treats, toys, and fun cat nip accessories!

Cycle Dog Eco-Friendly Leashes and Collars !