Self- Wash

We offer you the ability to wash and clean your pet using our top notch equipment.

Professional Grooming

Full range of cleaning, grooming, drying, styling and pampering provided. Meanwhile your pet is relaxed to make it much more enjoyable and stress free.

Drop off Bath

We provide a full service bath (non-haircut) for your pet, great for owners on the go!

Flea season and shedding are in full force.  Add a Citronella Rinse (flea repelling leave in conditioning rinse), Shed-less Treatment, or Avocado Oil Rinse to any of your bath or grooming services !  

If shampoo alone won’t combat the fleas in your neighborhood, then we offer a full line of dog and cat topical flea medication in 4 and 2 month doses.  If you want to leave the dirty work for us then we also offer single dose 1 month applications that we can apply after your dog or cats bath and grooming.

Posh Pooch Inc. Bath-Only services include:

  • Nail clipping and filing.
  • Eyes, feet, and private areas trimmed.
  • Ear cleaning and inspection.
  • Brush, comb, and de-matting as necessary.
  • Shampoo and conditioning using all natural products.
  • Anal gland expression (or “expelled”).
  • Hand-fluff dry & “cool-air” cage finish drying.
  • Bows or bandanna and cologne as desired.
  • Pet Groomer’s Report and Health Alert Form.
  • Grooming report card and suggested coat maintenance tips.


Full-Groom includes all the Bath-Only services plus:

  • Full body hair cuts.
  • Breed specific styling.
  • Full brush out or braiding as specific breeds require.


All Bath-Only and Full-Groom packages include:

  • Aromatherapy in sound isolation/drying room to calm and stress-relieve pet anxiety.


Self-Wash service available includes:

  • Shampoo and conditioning using all natural products.
  • Ear cleaning and eye-wipe supplies.
  • Brushes and combs available for de-matting.
  • Towels for pet and owner.
  • Full size pet dryer.
  • Nail trim tools available or staff can perform.
  • Bows or bandanna and cologne as desired.
  • Aprons available for owner.
  • Full clean up provided by staff when service is complete.


Posh Pooch Offers a Full Range of Services

Bathing Stations at our Brand New Store in Huntington Beach

Forever Stainless self wash tubs utilize a raised grate system as well as tempurpedic mats to keep your pet up out of any standing water.  This system gives pets more confidence as they will not slip, while also saving your back given the ability to raise a smaller pet to a more ergonomically correct bathing height.